Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Latent,Acute and Chronic Diseases

Every disease, no matter what name it is known by Medical Science, is constipation. This the top of a earlier subject. In addition to mucus and its toxemia's in the system, there are other foreign matter such as uric acid, toxins, etc., and drugs if ever used. Drugs and food waste thru practical experience are Never eliminated, but stored up in the body for decades. Many cases have been observed where drugs taken 10, 20, 30 years and more were expelled together with mucus thru the Mucusless Diet System. This appears to be a perfect healing system. When chemical poisons are taken back after being dissolved in the circulation for elimination thru the kidneys- the nerves and the heart are affected- thus causing extreme nervousness, dizziness and excessive hear-bats, plus other strange sensations. So the uniformed people calls on the family doctor, who now diagnoses the condition as "heart-disease" and blame "lack of food" instead of drugs prescribed 10 years ago. The average "normal" man, that is healthy has a chronic, stored up accumulation of waste food, poisons and drugs.
When these latent disease matters are occasionally stirred up, for instance by a cold, we expel great quantities of mucus, and feel unhappy instead of enjoying Nature's cleansing process. If the quantity of loosened mucus is great enough to shock the entire system, but not still dangerous, it may be diagnosed as Influenza. If the eliminating work of Nature digs deeper into the system, like the important organ the lungs, so much mucus and poisons are loosened at once that the circulation has to work under great friction, similar to a dirty machine. The friction produces abnormal heat, which is called fever,and the doctors call it Pneumonia, which is Nature's way to free the Most Vital organ from waste. If the kidneys are called upon to eliminate this loosened mucus, and causing shock, it is called Nephritis, etcetera. When Nature endeavors to save a human life thru her efforts to eliminate "feverishly," mucus and its toxic products, its called acute disease.
The Medical profession has over 4000 names for different ailments. The derivation of the name of the disease is made according to its location of elimination; or pertains to the congested point where the blood stream finds it difficult of passage and causes pain- such as in rheumatism. Under this handicap Nature cannot work as efficiently, needing more time, and the case is then called "chronic".

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